Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3.1 &Me

So I've just read up on the 3.1.0 Patch Notes and compared to what I've read earlier on the subject I am personally very pleased. I'll start with things I've noticed in general before moving on to my main love in this game druids.

Dual Spec. This will cost 1000g, which is equivalent to 20 respecs. Personally I stopped respeccing and have been resto for a while now, maybe I'm even down to 45g each spec :) Anyway this is awesome and I'm going to get it first thing (although I don't know what my 2nd spec would be). I wonder how the hotkey switching will work with addons
Staff enchants.This is great for those that use staffs I've always been 1H + OH my self tho. We can hope for more weapon type specific enchants in the future, that would be good fun.
Gear manager. This equals 1 less addon (if Blizzard did it right), so thats a good thing
Ground mounts can swim. This is good for those jumps over lakes that I never make, and have to mount again, for longer swims I'll always prefer my swimform.
BG queue from anyway. I wonder where I come out after the BG?

(back in TBC I was mostly feral, but I haven't read up about that ever since, so honestly I have no thoughts there).
The balance part of the patch, there are actually nothing really. There is the Owlkin Frenzy nerf which is of no matter really, I have never found any effective use for this talent. And then the Predatory Strikes is fixed so it now adds to attack power in moonkin form as well (just a slap in the face). So nothing for balance druids this patch :(

But I like the new resto changes!
Replenish, which is renamed to Revitalize now works with Wild Growth. I've never had this talent before, but with this improvement I might actually think about taking it. But then again it all depends on the mana situation after the patch.
Improved Mark of the Wild, now adds 1/2% to your total attributes, which gives us a tiny Kings, that's great (but do they stack?).
Improved Regrowth, now called Nature's Bounty, has been changed to give 25% crit to Nourish & Regrowth. So a nerf for some a buff for others, depending on your play style. I've tried to use nourish more lately to get used to it, in hope of a buff (& maybe a glyph) in the near future.
Improved Barkskin looks good for a PvP spec (and I haven't really played PvP since season 3 I think), the extra damage reduction is good, and the dispel resistance is great, specially when strugling to keep yourself alive agains a DK.

Anyway lets see how it all turns out once 3.1 actually goes live, all in all I'm excited with the new changes, and I'll propably play my low level lock some more as well with those new changes, although I should focus on getting my 70 mage to 80 instead :)

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  1. "Ground mounts can swim. This is good for those jumps over lakes....for longer swims I'll always prefer my swimform."

    Agreed. Especially because I have the minor glyph of zomgpwnfastswim, or whatever that one is called =P