Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3.1 second time around

I earlier (my first post actually) posted what I took notice in with the upcoming patch. Now about a month later I've decided to put my thoughts down again (this time I've fooled around with pictures in my post as well). I will most likely (read: definitely) miss a lot, but these are the things that I took note of (some date back to my previous pos, and I'll present them in an order only known to no one.

Typhoon, which is a spell I always loved as an idea, but when ever I've gone Moonkin I never really used it :(. Well with the recent 3 second daze change to this spell I'm liking it even more, and (this not being the only reason) in 3.1 I'll be trying to give Balance PvP a more serious try. (as a side note I've also read that typhoon now knocks 10 yards.

Tree of Life, making the 20% reduced mana reduction work in caster form as well is lovely. In PvP it's an obvious improvement, since we're running around in caster most of the time. But in serious raiding we'll still be in ToL for the added spell power from spirit, and to some extend the 6% healing aura, except paladins can provide this one as well Improved Devotion Aura.

Innervate, just a quick note about this FINALLY! costing 0 mana.

Starfall, reduced CD to 1½min, which is much more deserving compared to what it does and being an end tier talent Glyph of Starfall, and it's down to 1 min, which could be useful in PvP, and maybe even as a 3rd glyph for PvE, personally I use the Glyph of Insect Swarm when I play moonkin ... Actually I always use it, I glyphed for moonkin when I hit 80, and have mainly been playing resto with Starfire, Moonfire & Insect Swarm glyphs, because I'm to cheap and lazy to reglyph properly, looking forward to playing with the Glyph of Swiftmend(hehe sry for removing your HoTs other resto druids of Trollbane EU).

Nourish, this spell is the reason I turned up my spell details (and my crappy FPS the reason I turned it down shortly after). Now I'm not a raider anymore (haven't been a serious raider since vanilla), but I do a few pugs when I get the time, but so far I still don't have the 4s bonus from my resto gear. But with the new Glyph of Nourish coming, I'm really glad I've forced my self to use the spell more when healing. Anyway what I'm getting at is, I'm glad the nourish glyph finally came, and I'm looking forward to using it (if I get around to switching my glyphs :)).

Arena enemy frame, I'm looking forward to see how this is done. Maybe it'll replace my Gladius addon for arena (propably not, usually I'm not that fond of blizzards way of making the unit frames).

DoTs that crit, I would love for our DoTs to be able to crit (through talents ofc), like some of the other classes and specs have been given. And well actually it wouldn't be to bad for our HoTs to crit either hehe :)

Hmm all this talk about arena makes me want to focus a lot more on arena instead of PvE, would love to try out feral PvP as well (and PvE for that matter haven't played feral since BC), problem is just gathering gear, having to get both moonkin & feral PvP gear is a pain, already now I've been trying to get some resot & moonkin. Anyway, I'm looking forward to this patch, and to get started on WoW again, after I got home from snowboarding this sunday I haven't been home (in my actual appartment) yet, so haven't logged in WoW now for almost 2 weeks .... SCARY!

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